Bread baking kits for traditional German bread

Bake like a pro!

Why our bread baking box?

Purity is here the law.

High quality ingredients and time are the key to deliciousness. Bread making needs time to develop that typical taste we appreciate. Don’t worry, almost all the time the dough is just resting. Traditional German bread baking is a journey. With each box you’ll improve your skills in making bread and rolls. We teach you how to make the favorite German bread treats.

The experience of making your own loaf and enjoying that homemade bread afterwards with family & friends is exciting and simply delicious.

With every of our monthly bread baking boxes you’ll recieve some add-ons. That includes always a delicous spread and an useful kitchentool. AND each of these boxes means one meal to Feeding America.

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Why do customers love our bread baking kits?


 All bread baking kit ingredients are pre-measured
and whenever possible organic. Mostly you just need to add some water.


With every baking box you get a step-by-step instructions card, which will guide you to perfect results. Check also our FAQ page.


BREADISTA’s bread baking subcription boxes and the sets of bread baking kits include
FREE shipping within the US.

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