Bread baking subscripiton box

Baking bread like a pro!

Why our bread baking box?

Purity is here the law.

High quality ingredients and time are the key to deliciousness. Bread baking needs time to develop that typical taste we appreciate. Don’t worry, almost all the time the dough is just resting. Traditional German bread baking is a journey. With each box you’ll improve your skills in making bread and rolls. We teach you how to make the favorite German bread treats.
The experience of baking your own loaf, enjoying afterwards your homemade bread with family & friends is at least as great. With every bread baking box you’ll recieve some add-ons. That includes always a delicous spread and an useful kitchentool.

What our customers say

Why do they love our bread baking kits?


 All ingredients are pre-measured
and well chosen – whenever possible they are organic. Mostly you just need to add some water.


With every baking box you get an easy to understand step-by-step recipe card, which will guide you to perfect results. Check also our FAQ page.


The bread baking subcription box and the sets of baking kits include
FREE shipping in the US.


We are breadlover since decades. Yes, you can say since our birth.
Back home in Germany and Austria we grew up with a huge bread culture.

 Just a couple of weeks after we moved to the US we were craving good traditional German bread. We tried loaf after loaf, but didn’t get what we were looking for. The bread was to sweet, to airy with no substance and no,
sourdough is not THAT big thing in Germany.  

After many attempts we could adapted our German recipes to the US conditions. We had some challenges such like finding the right flour, gas vs. electric oven and measurements like °F vs. °C, just to name a few. Finally we’re satisfied with the results and dont want to hide them from you.
That’s why we created our bread baking-mix for you.